Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hello Dolly!

There are many reasons why Helen Of Troy... wants to live in New York, but this week, we're even more jealous of native New Yorkers as they get the chance to see 9 To 5 The Musical. This stage adaptation of the feminist classic may have replaced Dolly, Lily and Jane with a trio of twenty/thirty-something actresses, but the music for this new Broadway show has been penned by
Parton and, while first-night reviews have been a bit mixed, Helen Of Troy has been praying hard for this high-camp musical to come to the UK.

Not only has this show reminded us how just how hermazing this film is (it's funny, surreal and has stood the test of time superbly), it's also prompted a re-evaluation of Parton as a feminist icon - see Joan Smith's superb piece in the Independent earlier this week.

So here's to Queen Dolly
- one of Helen Of Troy's true heroes. Long may she reign. Check out the amazing Dolly and Disney collaboration below.

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