Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Courtney Love’s Album Pushed Back, AGAIN!

The fact that we love Courtney's off-the-wall antics is well documented by this point, but what we don’t love, is her chronic inability to get her ‘upcoming’ album Nobody’s Daughter ready for public consumption.

Helen Of Troy... has been keeping a watchful eye on the ever-changing release date, and has guestimated that Courtney’s sophomore solo album has been pushed back no fewer than five times – truth be told we think it’s probably more than that. So what the fuck is going on?

The last official excuse came from Courtney herself, who said it was due to a host of paranormal occurrences that had taken place in the studio. To be honest, this doesn’t sit well with us candid cynics, and we can’t help but suspect that the real reason is featured in the video below (skip to 1.54 to see exactly what we’re talking about).

Or, we could be completely wrong. It’s no secret that debut album America’s Sweetheart was plagued with problems from day one, resulting in such poor sales that it was considered a commercial flop by her label and the industry in general. And now the focus is firmly on Nobody’s Daughter, the album that will ultimately make or break Courtney’s solo career – let’s hope it’s the latter. So perhaps she’s simply taking the time to make sure she gets this one right, who knows. It seems we'll have the play the waiting game a little longer in order to find out.

Nobody’s Daughter is currently scheduled for release on the 20th of July.

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