Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Standing In The Way Of CTRL

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Helen Of Troy... favourite Laydeehawke is curating CTRL at the Deaf Institute on Thu Apr 30. Headliner Dan Black may be funky-as-fuck (single Alone seems to be single-handedly attempting to start a slap-bass revival), but Helen Of Troy... can't pay him too much attention 'cos he's a boy. Happily, Ms Hawke has programmed two lady acts we're more than happy to write about - Marina & The Diamonds and the fabulous Fan Death.

Marina & The Diamonds (who's also appearing at Sounds From The Other City on Sunday) cites her influences as Brody Dalle and Britney - which is a frikkin awesome combination. On record (or MySpace and YouTube) Marina sounds more like St Vincent-lite, her plinky plonk piano replacing St Vincent's guitar virtuosity. There's real promise on the Jealousy demo however, which, although dying for a cracking remix, has dancefloor-filler written all over it, with a pop-step bassline and catchy as fuck lyrics.

Delectable Vancouver duo Fan Death, aka Dandi and Marta (pictured) are definitely our favourite of the line-up. This twosome make disco music because they love it, without any hint of sneery irony. Single Veronica's Veil (released back in December - sorry if we're a bit behind the times) is a multilayered, string-laden disco treat - one of the best things Helen Of Troy has heard in a long time - check it out below. Apparently they're pretty frikkin' awesome live too.

There's loads of other good stuff going on this weekend - MAPs Festival, the aforementioned Sounds From The Other City, but Helen Of Troy is too cash poor and liver poorly to contemplate going out so we're going to do loads of free stuff, like learning the words to all Pat Benatar songs ever written, frolicking in meadows, and making pictures of Patti Smith from pasta.

If we can get over our not-going-out misery, we might just write you a little round-up of what's on. If.

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