Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Album Review: Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin

Let me begin by saying that I’m a big Tori Amos fan. I journeyed through adolescence to a soundtrack of Little Earthquakes, Under the Pink, and the absolute glory of To Venus and Back. However, the release of Tori’s tenth studio album Abnormally Attracted to Sin, has left me feeling somewhat disillusioned.

Have you ever listened to a song that puts you in a bad mood? A song that grates on you so much it makes you want to drag your fingernails down a chalkboard just for something else to listen to? Fancy a whole album of songs like that? Me neither, but unfortunately that’s what we have in the case this new offering.

The official Tori Amos website adopts the annoyingly nonsensical acronym ‘AATS’, and claims this album ‘could have come out at any point between her 1992 solo debut, Little Earthquakes, and 2009.’ I can believe this. The album seems to incorporate all the songs you would happily tolerate between adored classics such as Cornflake Girl, Winter, or Space Dog, but who wants an album of filler songs? And an incredibly long one at that!

Once again, Tori has tried to combat the download demons by creating a ‘must-have’ double album, including extravagant art-work and photography, and the obligatory DVD. Unfortunately, all these extra features don’t make up for the fact that this album (and I don’t mind being blunt) isn’t very good! Even the title - a line from Guys and Dolls, and a reflection of Tori’s religion-infused childhood - annoys the shit out of me.

As for standout tracks, there simply aren’t any. The haunting melodies and howling brilliance of her earlier work are nowhere to be heard. Each song is so similar and dreary it makes listening to the album feel like a chore. Ultimately, this album just doesn’t deliver. Let’s pray then that her next offering isn’t as sinful!


Laura Adlington

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