Friday, 30 October 2009

Album Review: Tegan And Sara - Sainthood

With an album release schedule that is literally littered with re-releases and greatest hits collections during the run-up to Christmas, the release of Tegan and Sara's long-awaited sixth studio album has arrived just in time to provide the perfect antidote for Helen Of Troy...'s seasonal cynicism.

Following on from their highly-acclaimed album The Con, Sainthood is somewhat of a departure for the dynamic duo, marking a number of changes in both their sound and production. Most notably perhaps being that this is the first album to feature tracks penned by both twins during their illustrious 14-year-long career.

Proceedings kick off with stunning opening track Arrow, introducing a new harder-edged and more electronically-inclined sound that features heavily throughout. Lead single Hell, rather pleasingly sounds as though it could have been lifted straight from Metric's fabulous recent album Fantasies, whilst tracks such as Night Watch and Paperback Head slow things down somewhat by showcasing a more experimental and quirkier sound.

On first listen Helen Of Troy... was left feeling a little underwhelmed by the whole affair, however this album is a grower in the truest sense of the word - two listens and we were well and truly hooked. At the risk of alienating old-school T&S fans, this may be their best album yet!


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Helen Of Troy... has put together a lovely little playlist to lift your dreary October Wednesday, featuring the brilliant Fuzzbox (pictured), the magnificent Amanda Blank, the superb Micachu and, erm, Barbara Dixon and Elaine Paige. Enjoy!

Helen Of Troy... Oct playlist

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New Music: Music Go Music

Helen Of Troy... has fallen in love (again!). This time the object of our affection are the magnificent
Music Go Music. This LA-based trio (which can swell to a seven piece depending on occasion), channel the spirit of the 1970s to create stone cold classics which are equal parts joyous and heartbreaking.

They sound like a mash-up of Abba, Pulp, Belle And Sebastian, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and Donna Summer. Hardly ground-breaking, granted, but every one of the five songs we've heard has an immediacy many bands struggle their entire careers to achieve just once.

Music Go Music will be in Manchester this week, supporting Franz Ferdinand at The Apollo on Saturday. If your fancy isn't tickled by spanking £20 quid on a support band, check out the video below and revel in the majesty of the new queen and kings of high-quality, high-camp pop.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Album Review: Karen O And The Kids – Where The Wild Things Are

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz! is still up there as one of Helen Of Troy's favourite albums of 2009, so hats off to Karen O, who's made it into our top ten list again with her delightful soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are.

Recorded in the guise of Karen O And The Kids, this gorgeous 14-track collection of lullaby-like ditties and shouty, hand-clappy floor-fillers is a delightful diversion from Ms O's day job, and sounds like it'll be the perfect fit for Spike Jonze's freakin' amazing-looking film, Where The Wild Things Are (scheduled for release on Dec 11).

Tracks like All Is Love, Rumpus and Capsize sound like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing in a sandpit with The Flaming Lips and The Polyphonic Spree; a joyous, smile-inducing soundtrack to the best kids' party ever.

Where The Wild Things Are isn't all jelly, ice cream and primary coloured happiness, however. Tracks like Worried Shoes and Hideaway portray perfectly the doubt, confusion and sadness that play a part in almost every person's childhood.

Helen Of Troy...'s fear of the pre-pubescent would normally have us running a mile from any album featuring or aimed at children, but Where The Wild Things Are is an absolute joy and the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom of (supposed) adulthood in 2009.

The lovely people at Spotify have put the album up already, so have a listen, fall in love, and let us know what you think.