Thursday, 11 June 2009

X-Tina Fabulera!

Back in February, Helen Of Troy was astounded to hear that
dirrrty girl Christina Aguilera had secured the services of 'lectro-poppers Ladytron and the gorgeous Goldfrapp. Imagine our surprise, then, when we discovered that the former Mouseketeer has also enlisted the help of the legendary Le Tigre to work on her forthcoming, as yet untitled, album.

While Helen Of Troy... is all about cultural cross-overs, we can't quite decide whether Ms Aguilera is working with these fantastic less-than-mainstream artists because she's a fan, or whether she's just buying cool by association. Either way, it's going to make for interesting listening. We've posted Le Tigre's finest moment Deceptacon below to remind y'all just how awesome they were. Let's see if they can top this with XTina.


Adem With An E said...

So, what's the official word on Le Tigre then? Aren't two of them doing MEN now, or are they back together just for X-Tina? Either or, I'm bloody intrigued.

Saw LT live twice in Australia and they were IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE.

Helen of... said...

Isn't only one of them in MEN? Wasn't that keen on them at first byt they've grown on me massively.

As for Le Tigre, there are no words.


conventionalfreak said...

I lost a stone in weight just watching this video! They should do a fitness DVD! :)

rrrich said...

Isn't she doing a rip off of Ladyhawke's My Delirium aswell?

It's definitely cool by association. Eugh, she makes me sick!