Monday, 16 March 2009

Juliette And The New Romantiques

We can’t say we were surprised when madcap Juliette Lewis and her band the Licks parted ways. After releasing two warmly-received albums, touring relentlessly for four years, and undergoing more line up changes than we’ve had fillings, it was only a matter of time before they eventually ran out of steam.

A few weeks ago, Lewis decided it was time to introduce the world to her latest musical endeavour, Juliette and the New Romantiques. Claiming, ‘this new incarnation is more about disillusionment and hope. Determination and despair. Romance and tragedy. And truly creating music that comes from those conflicts. It is more about a sound and energy than a "band".’ OK then!

Whilst we were once huge fans of JATLs - attending every gig they played in our fair city of Mancunia, as well as rushing out to buy Native American-inspired headwear once we'd seen the artwork for second album Four on the Floor – our excitement has waned dramatically in recent years, and so we were incredibly excited to hear about Juliette’s newest project.

After listening to a selection of tracks over on their MySpace page for a few days now, we’ve gotten past our initial uncertainty and warmed to this mellower, more soulful sound. Be warned, die-hard fans of the Licks may struggle with this new ethos and direction though.

Only time will tell if Juliette and the New Romantiques are speaking our language.

New album Terra Incognita is scheduled for release sometime this spring with a series of tour dates to follow.

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