Thursday, 19 March 2009

Blog Treats!

Can you believe it’s been six months (give or take) since we last produced a round-up of our favourite blogs? We can’t either, so we decided it was time to introduce you to a few new blogalicious delights. There are five projects in total, which just so you know, have been listed in alphabetical and not preferential order!

Fans of the Hey! Manchester live music events are probably aware that the lovely Chris Horkan – one of the promoters behind the events, and creator of Mancubist – has produced a brilliant accompanying blog. Anyone interested in all things folk, Americana and experimental happening in and around Manchester, should bookmark this one immediately.

Mercy Recommends... is an offshoot of the inspiring Liverpool-based creative agency, Mercy. Originally a zine back in 2002, they’re better known these days for the gigs, exhibitions and live literature events they put on. As well as keeping you up to date with what’s happening at Mercy and the many artists they’ve worked with over the years, they also aim to provide ‘bite-size chunks of internety goodness’. Yummy!

Next up we have Ninjatronics Lab, which, in their own words, ‘is a (music) blog that includes music reviews, podcasts, music projects, film, flash, animations, videos, short films, movies, and other productions along with commentary.’ Currently our blog de jour, it’s definitely one for y’all to check out.

Ohh Crapp! has literally been our online music bible for well over a year now. The reasons for this are threefold. Firstly it’s updated regularly, which is always a massive selling point. Secondly, it features remixes on top of remixes on top of remixes; it’s basically a Mecca for anyone who, like us, runs a clubnight! Thirdly, Faisal who runs the site is super passionate, and therefore top.

Last but by no means least we have Speech Marks, a collection of published and unpublished articles courtesy of student and writer, Jane McConnell. You’ll find all sorts of brain stimulating treats here, including interviews, news features, reviews and comment pieces. It’s a great read, period!


teknacolorninja said...

thanks for the shout out! we heart you <3 ::internet kisses::

nice tips, we should do something like this . . . o la laaa.

Helen of... said...

Our pleasure :D I'm gonna drop you an email in a bit to sort out some cross-blogging ideas!

teknacolorninja said...

aweeeesome! we've been busy making short-films for a cheese sandwich film festival in town and compiling a new podcast so we'll be updating about it soon ! can't wait to hear more from ya : P

scantron said...

ditto. thanks for the shout!