Monday, 15 September 2008

New Music: Lele[SPEAKS]

Straight-talking Croydon-based grime-girl Lele[SPEAKS] is, quite literally, a voice to be heard. Spitting superbly-crafted ravaging rhymes over sparse pop beats, the hip-hop star sounds a like a hybrid of fellow Londoner Lily Allen (only a little rougher round the edges) and swaggering Stateside emcee, Amanda Blank. It's difficult not to like this superbly-witty missy.

Funnily enough, the name Lele[SPEAKS] comes from the fact that her name is Lele and she's not afraid to speak her mind! Tracks such as Magazine, a brazen diatribe addressing the hot topic of women’s body issues, and Juice, an edgy yet well-observed onslaught about the highly-sexualised nature of current generations, prove that the young wordsmith is happy to voice her views on just about anything.

When it comes to the UK hip-hop scene, women are in short supply. So when a commanding and invigorating artist such as Lele[SPEAKS] comes along, who can more than hold her own in an overtly-misogynistic field, while tackling complex issues in a fresh and insightful way, shouldn’t we all stop and listen?

Debut album The Mentalist Daily is available now via RaggoTech Records.

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