Thursday, 4 September 2008

New Music: Le Corps Mince De Françoise

If CSS' underwhelming sophomore effort left you looking for a fresh dose of waggish kaleidoscopic yell-pop, check out new kids on the block, Le Corps Mince De Françoise. Formed in Helsinki in the spring of last year, this kooky Finnish trio - complete with their impossible-to-remember name - proffer a mash-up of highly-infectious electro-pop layered over dissonant, coarse noise-rock. Their rough-around-the-edges crude and shouty lyrics are incredibly reminiscent of the bawdy Brazilians and arty electroclash outfit Chicks On Speed.

Bitch Of The Bitches is by far the most CSS-like offering, but this is more than just copy-cat pop; their vocal style is brilliantly varied and their lyrics are much ruder than anything Lovefoxxx and friends have delivered so far. Other tracks available on their MySpace page are equally promising, from the multilingual Cool And Bored, which will have scenesters everywhere clambering over each other in order to get their cigarette-stained mitts on neon-coloured cow bells, to the heavily-looped fast-paced catchy pop-art treat Pollution.

They're may be a slight sense of déjà vu surrounding Le Corps Mince De Françoise, but fuck art let's dance!

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