Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ladyfest Manchester

Manchester has arguably become England’s second city in recent years, thanks to its growing cosmopolitan feel and worthy international reputation. Birmingham may still officially hold the title due to its size (big whoop), but when it comes to music, art, theatre… in fact culture in general, Manchester is way ahead.

Why then, in a city as culturally evolved as Manchester – forgetting the tired resurgences of the Madchester/Hacienda days - is there still the need for a festival dedicated to celebrating women in the arts? Is the city failing to recognise, nurture and represent female talent? The answer to this, as far as we’re concerned, is yes.
Ladyfest Manchester is an attempt to redress the balance, if only for a few days. Essentially, the festival is 'a not-for-profit, volunteer-led arts and music festival, which aims to create a space for female artists and musicians to be seen and heard in an environment which is inclusive, individual and fun. Ladyfest as a concept is unique amongst festivals but Ladyfests have in fact been happening all over the world for eight years now.'

The programming offers a diverse selection of events, some of which include: art exhibitions by young emerging female visual and performance artists; film screenings, documentaries and shorts by female directors, and music showcases featuring Manda Rin (Ex-Bis), Zombina and the Skeletones, The Lovely Eggs, Vile Vile Creatures (pictured above), Penny Broadhurst, GeEkGirl, Hooker and others. Plus workshops, and a panel discussion on women in cultural industries, with speakers Miranda Sawyer, Professor Sheila Rowbotham and Dr. Marion Leonard in attendance.

Ideally these kinds of events wouldn't need to exist in the 21st century, however, they do, and there's still much work to be done.

Details: Friday 7th to Sunday 9th November, at the Zion Arts Centre, Hulme.
Advance Tickets: Weekend - £25; Friday Night - £7; Saturday - £12; Sunday - £12, concessions are available, as are tickets on the door. Go
here to buy tickets.

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