Monday, 5 January 2009

Normal Service Has Been Resumed!

Hello chaps and chapesses, welcome to 2009! Hope you all had fantastic Christmasses and New Years, we certainly did. Anyhoo, normal service has now been resumed at Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Writings, and we're looking forward to bringing you a whole new batch of awesome lady music.

To get us reacquainted why not check out the video below and let us know what you think of one of this year's most hotly tipped outfits, La Roux. If we're honest we're still a little bit unsure and want to know what you guys think, so if you want to swing us in either direction, leave your comment below.


Gregling said...

Welcome back and happy new year! I have played this track TO DEATH the last few weeks, can't get enough. Off to see her play at Contort Yourself in February, come with! xx

Lyndsey said...

Right back at ya Greggles. Did you have a good Christmas and NY?

You know what, I think we should totally come with and make a proper night of it - you know without anyone DJing halfway through!

Gregling said...

Xmas and NYE both really good this year despite my usual bah humbug reservations.

Ace, I'm gonna get tickets, you should too, there will be a hype overdrive around this one so best be on the safe side. COOL! A proper night out together, will be ace!