Sunday, 25 January 2009

Helen's Alternative Tips For 2009

We've all heard that the likes of La Roux, Little Boots and the fantastic Florence And The Machine are going to be big news over the next year. Helen Of Troy..., as you well know, likes to offer our lovely readers an appealing alternative. We're always on the lookout for new talent, and we think we might have found some exciting new acts for your aural pleasure.

First off, we have the fantabulous Janelle Monae, who has been described as a female version Prince. She's worked with the likes of Outkast, and proffers a fierce funky brand of 21st century R&B. To experience Janelle at her soulful, sci-fi best, we reccommend you check out the awesome Many Moons.

Secondly, there's 21-year-old folk-pop experimentalist Micachu, who's currently recording her début album with Matthew Herbert. This madcap multi-instrumentalist creates weird and wonderful soundscapes that combine drum'n'bass, Estury English vocals and Hoover noises. Check out début single Golden Phone.

Finally, and this one's been on our radar for a while now, we have London-based hip-popper thecocknbullkid (no spaces, no capital letters, no apostrophes!). This 23-year-old, Ghana-born songstress has been tipped for a while now and has worked closely with the uber-cool Metronomy boys. Six months ago, we'd have reccomended There's A Mother In Our Bed, but miss C&BK has improved immesurably with the excellent I'm Not Sorry.


Gregling said...

Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground so I don't have to! I'm playing this stuff now cos I'm working late ...

The 'Many Moons' video is amazing, that gal has serous dosh behind her doesn't she? Song is growing too ...

Micachu, me likey, seems like she's supporting LOTP on every date BUT the Manchester one I'm going to, blub. "I won't have sex cos of STDs". Sensible policies.

cocnbullkid is the one for me though, WOO! Totally chair dancing to I'm Not Sorry. Result! Her list of influences is mindbogglingly good. The Buggles? Amaze. x

Lyndsey said...

We both agree Greggles, Janelle is bit too polished in places where as thecocknbullkid manages to retain a raw edge to her stuff.

Is it rude if I ask what's going on with Manhattanchester?!