Monday, 24 November 2008

Helen Of Troy... Does Audience Participation: Part Trois

Well dear audience, it's time for the rock instalment of our ahem... much-debated 'top three favourite...' series. This has been the trickiest selection so far with so many fabulous artists and bands to choose from. Remember we wanna hear who your top three are, so get your proverbial thinking caps on and let us know who makes your list.

Without further ado, here are our top three favourite female rock acts of all time...

1. Patti Smith
Affectionately referred to as the Godmother of punk-rock, without who the acts listed below may never have existed. Need we say more?!

2. PJ Harvey
We heart Polly Jean over here at Helen Of Troy... and consequently believe the wondrous woman can do no wrong – not even by ditching her glorious guitar to produce a piano-based album full of bewitching ballads. She's proved herself an immense and unique talent over the years; transcending genres and stereotypes to become one of the most consistently interesting artists of all time.

3. Hole

Third place was a close call, but we finally decided it should go to Courtney and friends for the sheer impact they had upon the rock world back in the early 90s. They may not be the most prolific of bands, but what they lack in albums they more than made up for in attitude and accolades.

Time to let us know who your top three are. Comment away!


Gregling said...

Gah! This is an impossible task, therefore I love it. I will forbid myself from choosing any of the above (though PJ would be on my list otherwise). So, in no particular order:

Grace Slick - for 'White Rabbit', for adventures in acid, for plotting to spike Richard Nixon, for looking SO AMAZING, and yes even for Jefferson Starship. Grace, I salute thee.

Debbie Harry - for doing in music what Marilyn Monroe did in movies; playing the game her way and giving glamour a brain. Always cutting edge and held her own in the boys club of 70s New Wave wihtout breaking a sweat.

Kim Deal - The most important American band EVER would not have been half what they were without her on the bass. Never mind that she went onto form The Breeders and prove she could've probably done it all without Frank Black in the first place.

Helen of... said...

Good choices good sir, I fucking love White Rabbit! Are you fixed after your fall yet? x x x

Adem With An E said...

1) Hole. I have a soft spot for Courtney Love and this bands music helped me get through high school like you wouldn't believe.

2) Babes In Toyland. There was a lot of rivalry between Hole & BIT fans. I loved both and didn't really care about all of that. Their cover of "We Are Family" is absolute GOLD.

3) Le Tigre. From first album to their last, they were exquisite and brought something upfront and raw to the table.

Helen of... said...

Good choices Adem :) I'm totally with you on the Le Tigre front.