Thursday, 27 August 2009

New Music: KiD A

We might be a little tardy on this, but Helen Of Troy… firmly believes that late is better than never, so we’d like to introduce you to the marvellous KiD A, aka Anni T, whose debut single, wasnotwas, was released on June 15th. Wasnotwas is a delicious slice of scuzzy, repetetative electro-pop aided by Anni’s sweet but sultry drawl.

This Virginia-born singer, composer and producer has been working with dan le sac on forthcoming EP In A Dream House, We All Ride Carousels, which promises to be another example of near-perfect electro-pop.

Head to for a listen (we especially like the EEPROM ‘on fire’ remix).

Watch this space!

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Gina B. said...

KiD A is sooooo coooool!