Thursday, 11 December 2008

Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Dancing Gets A Makeover

As some of you might know, tomorrow night’s Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Dancing will be our last event for a while. Fear not though dear friends, we’ll be back in the new year and it’s going to be a bigger and better affair; a bit like a Dr Who regeneration, but with more oestrogen!

Though the plans for the reincarnation are far from complete, we can reveal that it will tale place every couple of months and will feature bands, guest DJs and some very special surprises. So watch this space!

We’ve had an awesome time over the past eight months and would like to thank everyone who’s shimmied, vogued or fallen in love on our dancefloor. Also, thanks to those who have supported and helped us out, we know it hasn't been easy.

If you’re worried that a month without Helen... will leave you lacking in lovely lady music, be calm. Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Writings will still be on hand with a bi-weekly dose of music news and comment as well as updates on the future of your favourite feminist clubnight. So if you haven't bookmarked us already, make sure you do!

So it's goodbye from her, and it's goodbye from her...

for now...


Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Dancing
Friday 12th December at Charlies (Harter Street, off Princess Street)
10pm to 4am, £4, £3 w/flyer or NUS.
See you there!


Adem With An E said...

I got so worried and thought you meant you would be saying goodbye to blogging for a while!!

*clasps asthma pump*

Jordan said...

For shame! Leaving the denizens of Manchester in the cold without musical guidance for half the months of the year!

It's been great Helen, thank you very much for all the fun times.

Lyndsey said...

Never fear Adem, we'll be blogging for a long time to come. We our winding down for the holidays though.

Thank you Jordan, we couldn't have done it without you and your um interesting suggestions!

Paddy said...

When are you coming back!!!