Wednesday, 22 October 2008

(So) Long Blondes

Helen Of Troy... wants to take a little time out of its busy schedule to bid a fond farewell to our favourite Sheffield indie-popsters, The Long Blondes. The future of the delightfully kitsch quintet has been hanging in the balance since guitarist Dorian Cox's stroke in the summer, so it was saddening, but not surprising when the band announced their split on Monday.

Happily, Cox has been making a slow but steady recovery, as lead singer Katie Jackson (who's currently working on solo material) explained during a 6 Music interview. 'When it first happened, Dorian couldn't move his leg or his arm at all and we weren't sure how his speech, memory, or intelligence were going to be affected. Thankfully, those things are completely unaffected. He's still the same Dorian, just lovely and hilariously funny. We haven't lost him at all, it's just the arm now that they're working on.'

As that statement indicates, the band are all still incredibly close, so future projects can not be ruled out.

For now, though, we'll have to be content with wearing berets and bright red lipstick while singing along to Someone To Drive You Home and the awesome Couples on repeat. We're also going to get our hands on new compilation, Singles, released on Monday, which we'll be reviewing here over the next couple of weeks.

We'll be spinning a selection of terrific tunes by the mighty
Blondes at our next clubnight, (Friday 14th November), so if you have any favourites you want to bust some teary-eyed commemorative moves to, just let us know and we'll make sure we play them.


Gregling said...

Here Comes The Serious Bit for me pleeease! xx

Helen of... said...

Done! I think I Liked The Boys is in order too.

Adem With An E said...

Sad news :(

Even though i cannot be there to dance to it, I take "Giddy Statospheres" is a given for Friday the 14th?


Helen of... said...

We shall play it in honour of you :)