Monday, 18 August 2008

New Music: Ladyhawke

No, not the 1985 fantasy film starring Michelle Pfeiffer, but the up-and-coming retro-chic poptart, Pip Brown. The Modular-signed London-based Kiwi cites Blondie, Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks as musical influences, the later being the most obvious in her panoply of glittering musical offerings. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that Brown still manages to sound fresh and relevant, proffering a mix of 80s-influenced electro-tinged beats complete with funk-laden pop sensibilities. Latest single Dusk Til Dawn is the subtlest and sparsest contribution to date, but as is so often the case with Brown, less is definitely more. In other words this is evocative, melodic pop at it's electro-retro best.

Ladyhawke's eponymous début album is released on Monday 22nd September and includes recent singles Back of The Van and Paris Is Burning. You can catch Ladyhawke live on the 5th of October at Roadhouse, Central Manchester. Tickets cost £7.50 excluding fees.

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Adem With An E said...

How INCREDIBLE is she? The album is magnifique and she is absolutely ADORABLE.